Bags & Pouches

Digital Printing

No matter the shape, size, and substrate, all product packaging must instantly appeal to consumers from the shelf. Our team will print, laminate, sheet, form-seal, add a zipper, fill, and final seal your bags. CL&D is GMP certified by ASI for food contact and non-food contact flexible packaging. We can tackle any project from one each to thousands — from start to finish, with many options along the way.

  • Gusseted Bags and Pouches
  • Stand-up Pouches
  • Bags & Pouches

Flexographic Printing

Gusseted & Spouted Pouches

As many industries are looking for greater and more economical ways to brand and package their products, the re-closeable gusset pouch tops the list. Along with our team of experts, we have developed a large array of customized variations in structure, barrier strength, texture, compostability and aesthetic appeal to create the perfect pouch for your individual application.

  • Customizable materials and barriers
  • Various seals available such as Doyne, K-Stand, Plow Bottom, and Three-Side Seal
  • Enhancements include zippers, handles, specialty materials, spouts and sustainable options
  • Industries served include pet foods/treats, natural foods, pharmaceutical, sports nutrition, health/beauty, home care and industrial

3-Side Seal & VFFS Pouches

Pouches are a great packaging solution for multiple different products including but not limited to cereals, snacks, coffee, drink mixes, soups, spices, candy, garden supplies and powders. The material used in pouch packaging is sealed using heat which creates a tight seal to ensure freshness, providing excellent light, oxygen and moisture barriers. There are sustainable options available.

Stand-up Pouch Application