Flexographic Prepress Artwork Upload


Adobe Illustrator (preferred). / Adobe InDesign / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Acrobat Professional


  • Final file for production supplied as either a Normalized PDF (NDFP) or Illustrator file with PDF copy.
  • Include all fonts (including fonts used in supporting files) or convert type to outlines.
  • Include all supporting files (for example - layered Photoshop images).
  • Package and compress all files before uploading to our FTP site.


  • CL&D FTP (Name file as: customer name_item) CL&D GRAPHICS FTP FILE UPLOAD


  • CL&D Graphics reproduces each barcode to ensure it meets our standards of quality and scanability.
  • UPC Standards: 80% minimum size | 100 micron BWR | 1/8” quiet zone | 3/8” minimum height.
  • Barcodes are recommended to be printed in black. Barcode orientation can vary by package type.Bar code samples for flexographic printing
    Bar code samples for flexographic printing


  • Text minimums: Positive Printing: 4 point | Reverse Printing: 4 point & bold.
  • Line minimums: Positive Printing: 0.4 point | Reverse Printing: 0.5 point.
  • Set Document Raster Settings to High (300 ppi).
  • Remove stray points.
  • Ensure white is not set to overprint.
  • Ensure PMS colors are not set to 0%.


Use keylines to avoid color variations due to web movement with a 2.88 point stroke when reversing through multiple colors or 4/C.

Trap Size: Standard = 0.01 | Minimum = 0.007 inches

Trapping samples for flexographic printing
Trapping samples for flexographic printing


  • All images are a minimum of 300 dpi.
  • All images are CMYK, Grayscale or Duotone.
  • Maintain layers in all Photoshop images when applicable.
  • FPO’s are clearly marked.

Include clipping paths in Photoshop when the paths for four-color process or Photoshop images are used in trapping and screening. Note: Whenever possible, create drop shadows, glows, etc. in Illustrator.


Process color and spot color gradients are built using separate elements combined with the top gradient’s appearance setting set to ‘Darken’.

Gradient images for CL&D Flexographic Printing
Gradient samples for Flexographic printing