Flexographic Printing Technology & Enhancements

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CL&D is a customer-focused, award-winning company that consults, provides on-site technical support, and delivers on-time with integrity. When working with CL&D, you’re not just buying a pouch, bar wrap, or sleeve, you’re getting our ever-expanding capabilities and expertise. CL&D produces creative, innovative packaging solutions with the latest materials, inks, laminates, and technology. We focus on solutions and have tailored our products and offerings to our customers.

We can match color to LAB color values, previously colored samples, waterproof, and other media printed material.

Matte varnishes and finishes will give your product a modern and sophisticated look especially when paired with a higher gloss finish. This enhancement adds a subtle but impressive upgraded effect to any product or package.

Metallic inks can be an efficient and less expensive alternative to aluminum or other metal bottles. It gives packaging a high end aesthetic by appearing to be printed directly on a metal container. Metallic inks can also be paired with other colors, blue for example, to create a package that's appealing and looks like the container is made of a blue metal material.

Pearlescent varnish gives a subtle but unique look to products and the brands who use it in their packaging. The iridescent, glittery effect works very well with feminine-centered products like makeup, jewelry, certain vitamins and anything that deserves a "pretty" yet sophisticated packaging strategy.

Counterfeit packaging can compromise brand loyalty. Unique packaging designs help your brand stand out and makes it more difficult to duplicate. Including security solutions in your product packaging is an important anti-counterfeiting measure.

Holographic Tear Strips - the same technology utilized by the U.S. government to prevent counterfeit currency and can be customized with logos, micro-text capabilities, instructions or images to differentiate products at the point-of-sale. Optional phosphorescent technology available for additional authenticity - strip changes color under a UV light.

Micro-text Capabilities - prints text so small it is invisible to the naked eye, difficult for counterfeiters to replicate and easily hidden within the package design.

Color-Shifting Inks are extremely unique and can create an edgy feel to any product package. As the consumer's viewing angle changes, the ink changes shades making one side of the package look a different color than another side. Available in a wide range of color variations, color shifting inks work well on contoured containers.

We offer several types of tactile coatings including:

  • High-Scuff Resistance
  • Haze Free
  • High Clarity
  • Raised Texture
  • 3-Dimensional Look/Embossed Look