Sustainable Materials

Today, consumers are focusing on convenience and social responsibility. Sustainable-driven packaging is more than reducing use of non-renewable resources – it’s also about efficient cost savings.CL&D's goal is to minimize the overall footprint on the environment through responsible business practices including environmental preservation, energy conservation, recycling and reuse. We collaborate with our customers from project inception through introduction working to optimize the balance between package preservation, protection and the item’s presence in the marketplace. In design processes, we continue to push for gauge reduction and simplification, where possible, eliminating over-packaging.

Sustainable Packaging Options:

Crystallizable PET Shrink Sleeves with Washable Inks

A Shrink Sleeve label that gets recycled with the PET container!

  • Printed with WASHABLE inks that FLAKE AWAY in the recycle stream.
  • Made with Crystallizable PET resin.
  • Contains no Glycol.
  • Reduces landfill waste.
  • Improves recycling yields.


Brand owners now have the ability to bring packaging to market with the convenience and features of typical multi-layered pouches and shrink film with the added benefit of recyclability.

  • Suitable to be recycled in communities with existing PE film recycling streams via programs such as the Grocery Store Drop-Off.
  • CL&D's R&D Team maintains a multi-source sustainable film supplier network portfolio.
  • Up to 40% Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) content.
  • Excellent barrier (oxygen, moisture and aroma) performance and functionality.
  • Resealable zipper feature.
  • Complete hermetic seals to avoid leaks.
  • Opaque & clear options.
  • Available in many packaging options: 3-Side Seal, Cold Seal Bar Wraps, Gussets, Heat Seal Bar Wraps, Shrink Sleeves, Stick Packs and Vertical Form Filled Seal.