Nutraceutical Flexographic Printing

Our flexographic printing expertise extends to the nutraceutical industry, enabling us to create visually striking and FDA-compliant packaging for dietary supplements, vitamins, and other nutraceutical products. With our precise printing capabilities, we can accurately reproduce intricate details, nutritional information, and branding elements, ensuring that your products not only meet regulatory requirements but also captivate consumers with attractive and informative packaging designs.

Cold-seal & heat-seal bar wrappers are the industry standard for protein bars. With our flexographic printing capabilities, we can convert film into clean, food-safe, and unique bar wrappers that will stand out in the minds of your customers. We can produce bar wrappers in various sizes to fit your product and with a multitude of enhancements and materials.

Shrink sleeves are a viable option for protein powder containers of any size.

*All products above are printed by CL&D

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