Pet Products

Flexographic printing plays a crucial role in the pet products industry by enabling vibrant and durable prints on packaging materials such as pet food bags, pet toy labels, and pet product packaging. With its ability to handle different types of substrates and achieve excellent color saturation, flexographic printing helps create eye-catching designs that communicate product information effectively and capture the attention of pet owners, enhancing brand recognition and appeal in the market.

Flexographic Printing

Gusseted pouches are a great option for storing pet treats. We offer a variety of seal options like Contamination Resistant Zippers, Slider Zippers, Press-to-Close to fit needs and to help keep your customers' pets from getting into their treats unsupervised.

Stick packs use heat to seal in its contents and can be transformed into a variety of sizes to meet your needs. We offer a variety of enhancements for your packaging including

  • Metalized, Clear, White and Sustainable Materials
  • Matte Varnishes
  • Easy Tear
  • Laser Scoring

*All products above are printed by CL&D

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