Snacks Digital & Flexographic Printing

Digital Printing

CL&D is GMP certified by ASI for food contact and non-food contact flexible packaging. We can tackle any project from one each to thousands — from start to finish, with many options along the way.

Flexographic Printing

With so many options, picking the right snack from the grocery store can be a daunting task. Often as a consumer, we rely on our eyes and choose based of the packaging. With decades of experience, we can provide high-quality flexographic printing services to create packaging that will have consumers gravitating towards your product.

Cold seal bar wraps are an excellent choice for granola and protein bars that may contain chocolate or some other heat sensitive ingredients. No heat is required to seal the package because a cohesive agent is placed on the backside of the wrap. This agent creates an excellent seal but only sticks to itself keeping everything mess free.

Gusseted pouches and 3-side seal pouches are a great option for chips, jerky, pretzels, etc. The material used in pouch packaging is sealed using heat which creates a tight seal to ensure freshness, providing excellent light, oxygen and moisture barriers. With all of our products, we have a variety of enhancements that can be used to make your packaging unique and stand out.

*All products above are printed by CL&D

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