Automotive Flexographic Printing

With flexographic printing, we provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for printing packaging material for car products. This high-speed printing technique offers exceptional image quality and durability, ensuring that vital information, branding, and safety instructions withstand the demanding conditions of the automotive environment

Flexographic Printing

Gusseted pouches are a great option for packaging many automotive products. Along with our team of experts, we have developed a large array of customized variations in structure, barrier strength, texture, composability and aesthetic appeal to create the perfect pouch for your individual application. We have various closure options like Contamination Resistant Zipper, Slider Zippers, and Press-to-Close. We also have customizable materials and sustainable options, virtually anything the job calls for.

3-Side Seal pouches are a great packaging solution for multiple different automotive products. The material used in pouch packaging is sealed using heat which creates a tight seal to ensure freshness, providing excellent light, oxygen and moisture barriers. There are sustainable options available.

Shrink sleeves make for a durable label option on car products like A/C refrigerant recharge kits and other products that utilize a can. Shrink sleeves can come in multiple film options including sustainable options. We can ensure a high quality print that will last with our solvent-based inks.

*All products above are printed by CL&D

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